Yoga Classes

Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul

Assia Kojo Yoga Studio specializes in providing personalized yoga instruction based on our client's needs and goals. Browse our list of available styles to find the perfect fit for you.


Yin Yoga

RELEASE: A meditative and slow paced class where stillness promotes calm and balances the mind and body. This class targets the connective tissues and ligaments, reduces stress and anxiety, stimulates fascial release, increases circulation, improves flexibility and provides greater joint mobility.

Restorative Yoga

DE-STRESS: Experience supported and passive postures to help de-stress the internal workings of the body so that all systems can function optimally. Restorative yoga reduces blood pressure, increases ‘good’ cholesterol levels, improves digestion and reduces muscle tension.

Prenatal Yoga

Enjoy Prenatal yoga for all levels and any trimester of pregnancy. This class offers strength and stretching designed to help you prepare for childbirth. The intense demands of labor and parenting require strength and flexibility in the mind and body. All classes will include breathwork (pranayama), yoga poses, strength poses and relaxation techniques. Prenatal classes support and embrace the journey of motherhood. Partner childbirth support sessions are optional, which allow your partner to learn more about supporting you during labor.

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga is an excellent way to help your body recover after childbirth. Practicing yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditation will support healing and also help relax and tone your body. The class offers a supportive and healthy environment and is a fun and positive way to bond both with your newborn, and other new moms. Among the tremendous benefits are shaping and toning your body and strengthening your back, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Therapeutic Yoga

REST, RELAX, REJUVENATE: Experience slow moving, supported by props (bolsters, straps, blocks & blankets) and passive postures that allow the body to naturally release, letting go of held tension and stress. This practice invokes a natural state of healing rest, renewal and equanimity. Simple range of motion exercises, accessible postures and breathing techniques will help alleviate back pain, improve core strength, increase range of mobility to the joints, improve flexibility and develop better coordination.

Special classes are offered for recovery from cancer and back pain and injuries.

Yoga for heart disease & cancer recovery
Gentle uplifting class where students learn techniques to take off the mat and incorporate into their own recovery

Yoga for healthy back
The aim of this class is to improve back problems or keep your back healthy and strong. It emphasizes learning movement patterns and contradictions for spinal injuries and how to help your body heal them.

Power Yoga

LET’S GO:  Energetic Flow Yoga is a dynamic and energizing power class linking breath and movement in creative flow sequences designed to support students to safely approach the next level of postures (inversions, arm balances, more advanced standing balances and backbends) depending on each student’s own individual abilities and interests. Pose options and variations will be provided for students as we move through sequences and core-strengthening poses to help prepare and open the body toward more advanced postures.

Come sweat, play and flow with me!

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Poses are modified so that even those with health restrictions, decreased range of motion and physical challenges can enjoy the benefits of a more traditional practice. Emphasis will be on breathing, balance and taking things at your own pace. Benefits include improved strength and flexibility and proprioception. It also decreases stress and improves metal clarity.

Budokon Yoga

Budokon sessions begin with yoga sun salutations to lighten and open the body followed by a martial arts segment of explosive, dance-like movement. The practice ends with a peaceful yet powerful guided meditation.


Prana is  the vital life force in our bodies. Practicing pranayama will guide you to connect with your breath and allow you to control the flow of negative thoughts agitating the minds. The more we become aware of our breath, the more we are able to calm the mind and access and experience the bliss of the hearts through meditation. This class will teach you various techniques to access the breath, quiet the mind and turn into the sublime radiance of your heart. In addition pranayama is combined with meditation by exploring what it is and what re the benefit of practicing it and including it in your daily practice.

Pranayama and meditation will enhance every aspect of your life and most importantly will significantly improve the quality of your life: the way you lead your life and the manner in which you respond to life.