About Assia Kojo

Hello, I’m Assia Kojo. My love and dedication to the practice of yoga revealed my true course; to spend my time serving community by promoting and teaching the healing benefits that yoga has on the mind and body. Therefore; I embarked upon the journey of taking 500 hours of yoga training and 85 hours of prenatal yoga. I soon began teaching both private and public classes, specializing in therapeutic yoga working with individuals in need of both psychological and physiological help. These humbling and fulfilling experiences, have led me to my next goal of working towards yoga therapy accreditation, with the accredited yoga therapy school “The Soul of Yoga” based out of San Diego, CA specializing in assisting people living with heart disease, cancer and other life-threatening diseases and general health and prevention through yoga-based stress management techniques

Specializing in Rehabilitative Yoga

Assia specializes in rehabilitative yoga, specifically spinal disc injuries as well as hip and knee therapy among other areas. She encourages her students to practice where their body is right now, allowing for the constant positive change and growth that comes with a dedicated practice. One of the reasons she loves yoga is that there is always more to learn, always room to grow. That desire to learn has led Assia to continuing education with a wide variety of teachers such as Justine Shelton, Niscala Joy Devi, Richard Miller.


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